Contract & Conditions of Enrollment   SECTION D

The signatory/ies to this contract agree to the following terms and conditions Of registration Of African Institute Of Technology (Pty) Ltd (A.I.T).

  1. They will be jointly severally liable to African Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd for the full tuition fees as detailed in the enrollment contract.
  2. Payment in full will be received on or before the due dates for method A as set out in the enrollment contract. Should payment not be received by due date, the discount will be waived and the full contract amount as set out in B of the enrollment contract will be charged.
  3. Any failure by the student to attend lectures will not reduce liability for the full contract amount.
  4. The registration/application fee is not refundable. All other tuition fees may only be refundable under the following conditions:
    1. That a student has submitted the cancellation form within 21 days from registration date.
    2. Non-offering of the programme by the college.
    3. Medical Reason: A Medical certificate submitted to the college to attest that the nature of the illness Will have a direct bearing on the overall performance of a student.
  5. All refunds claims will be evaluated through the principal of the college council for consideration. This process might take three to six months complete as thorough investigation must be conducted.
  6. The student access control card is included in the tuition fees; however should it be lost the student Will be charged R70.00 for a replacement.
  7. AIT will only grant registration once the deposit is paid in full.
  8. AIT fees include tuition, manuals and registration fees for AIT and do not include external institution fees, notes, textbooks, or other items. Furthermore, the signatory/ies will be responsible for the costs of transport and specialized consumables used during the course, including but not limited to, specialized stationery, printing of assignments, memory disks, Computer disks,  CD s, toolkits or any other material.
  9. This contract may be cancelled if;
    1. The student fails to satisfy the entrance requirements of African Institute Of Technology (Pty) Ltd., or
    2. Insufficient enrollments’ are received by AIT to justify, at the sole discretion of AIT for the running of the programme for which the student has enrolled. In the event of 9.I or 9.2 AIT will refund all monies received by it in respect of the programme.
  10. Should any monies due under this contract not be paid on due date, the student may be excluded from attending further lectures until such time as all monies due has been paid, Without prejudice to any other rights of AIT. Exclusion from lectures will not relieve the signatory/ies of any obligation to pay the full fees as detailed in the enrolment contract.
  11. African Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to withhold the student’s examination results until such time as all outstanding monies have been paid.
  12. The signatory/ies will remain liable for all expenses incurred by AIT as a result of any breach on his/her/their part of this contract and acknowledge that this may include legal, tracing or collection
  13. Payment by cheque NOT VALID – CHEQUES NO LONGER IN USE.
  14. If any installment due under this contract remains unpaid for a period of sixty days after the due date thereof, the entire remaining balance will immediately become due and payable. Interest onoverdue accounts will be charged at prime plus 5% percent.
  15. The information submitted on AIT application form, registration form and enrollment contract is true and correct. The student has read and agrees to abide by AIT enrollment rules and regulation.
  16. AIT reserves the right to alter courses in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education, Umalusi Council for Quality Assurance, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) or the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).
  17. AIT reserves the right to alter timetables and course commencement dates where necessary.
  18. AIT, at its sole discretion, may combine classes of similar academic level and content or cancel tuition in any course or subject advertised and offered, on an insufficient demand basis.
  19. The qualification will be conferred by the Tshwane Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd or will AIT cert at later then need to mention.
  20. AIT may from time to time institute rules and regulations deemed necessary relating to course attendance, student contact and other related matters.
  21. In the event of an act of God or industrial unrest causing the temporary cessation of or classes, AIT shall use every endeavour to resume lectures as soon as possible; however no guarantees are made in this regard and force majure, national emergency, pandemic are both here.
  22. Any violation of academic integrity by the student including, but not limited to, cheating or plagiarism, will result in disciplinary action which could result in expulsion.
  23. The student cedes and assigns to AIT, his or her rights and title to any intellectual property that may be created in the cause of any study or research project that the student undertakes or may undertake at AIT or that the student develops or may develop with the assistance of AIT equipment.
  24. The student will acquaint him/herself and abide by the content of the AIT student rules/regulations and disciplinary code in general as well as to the course/programme for which the student is registering and that for the entire duration of the students study, the student commits to the fulfillment of this rules and regulations as well as to any additional rules and regulations that AIT may introduce from time to time.
  25. Should the student not adhere to the rules and regulations Of AIT and interfere with other students or the operations of the campus, the students might be expelled from the campus. in the event of expulsion, all monies paid to AIT will be forfeited and the signatory/ies will remain liable for all monies due up until the date of expulsion.
  26. The signatory/ies accept liability for damage to AIT property, injury to death of any student, or loss or damage to personal effects and possessions of other students result of the actions of the student whilst the student is on campus and indemnify AIT accordingly.
  27. AIT may, at its discretion, report to the parent or guardian or bursary of the major fee contributor, any breach of rules and regulations by the student or on any other mater concerning progress,conduct, well being or health of student.
  28. In the event of the student sustaining an injury or becoming ill and requiring medical attention whilst on campus or anywhere else in connection with the course, an employee or representative of AIT is authorised to attend to such basis and should it not be possible for the parents and/or legal guardians to be contacted timeously.
  29. Foreign students who are not permanent residents of the Republic of South Africa and who wish to enroll at AIT are required to obtain a study permit or residence permit from the South African Department of Home Affairs. Fees are neither transferable nor refundable in respect of students who do not comply with these requirements, unless a Study Permit has been denied. Proof thereof has to be submitted to AIT in order for a refund to be considered.
  30. No guarantees, promises or representations of any nature are made by AIT pertaining to the student enrollment for course’s selected by the student with regard to the student s success or failure or otherwise.
  31. AIT may use any images (photograph or other) taken of the student in any advertising without restriction.
  32. AIT accounts department must be informed immediately, in writing, should the signatory/ies change address, or should the student his/her course or subjects, subsequent to submission of the registration form.
  33. AIT will not be held responsible for loss of cash unless this is personally handed to the cashier and an official AIT receipt is received for the cash payment.
  34. Signatory/ies choose his/her/their domicilium citandi et executandi at the address set out in section I and 2 of enrollment contract.