Electrical Engineering Diploma


The NATED N4-N6 Engineering qualification is designed to provide the theoretical component for you to attain a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Twelve subjects over a period of 18 months. The practical component comprises of 18 months of work experience relevant to your trade.

The Department of Higher Education and Training will issue you with a National Certificate once you have passed each level namely N4, N5, N6. After completing your work experience you can apply for your National Diploma from the DHET at the campus where you have completed your N6 qualification.


  • Grade 12 in the relevant field.
  • N3

A learner can only proceed to the next level if he/she has passed the previous level.


  • 3 Years
    • 18 months Theory N 4,5,6.
    • 18 months practical work experience.

The programme runs for a trimester (3-month period) and consists of four subjects. The subjects are:

N 4

  • Mathematics
  • Logic Systems
  • Electrotechnics
  • Industrial Electronics

N 5

  • Mathematics
  • Power Machines
  • Electro-Technics
  • Industrial Electronics

Level 6

  • Mathematics
  • Power Machines
  • Electrotechnics
  • Industrial Electronics

Please note that the 1st 4 subjects are compulsory for the Electrical Engineering Diploma.

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